Sharing wedding

Sharing style weddingWe started sharing style weddings over 10 years ago. Our clients prefer an informal relaxed event with usually whole joints of meat  that have been marinated,  charcoal and wood smoked,  and then  served whole on a carving board  to the table.  Accompanied  with a table selection of fresh salads  so that each  guest can choose how much and what they have. Serving meat this way also allows guests to choose between having their meat  rare from the middle of the joint, medium towards the end and  well done at the  the very ends.   As the joints are  butterflied  and  boneless this does make it easy for them to be carved.  Rolled joints  can no longer  be served rare

We have used this style for barbeques were  we offer a choice of three or four meat fish and vegetarian options at our BBQ’s  with bowls of salad on each table.  We do not “platter meat” as it is essential to serve food fresh from the bbq to guests so they can choose what they want, and  how they like it cooked: some want their salmon or lamb  just coloured  others want it well done this is not feasible on a platter.  We offer a choice of three or four meats fish and vegetarian options so every body can try everything.  Guests are invited a table at a time to choose from the BBQ,  we never cook and hold.


We have offered sharing or family style service for shepherds pie, lasagne, dauphinoise etc with hot accompaniments like wilted garlic and nutmeg spinach and honey and rosemary carrots


Babaganoush Cardomen humus Maetchas massal

Sharing works really well with starters

Maetchas masala

as part of a vegetarian sharing starter platter



sharing style

sharing platter with homemade flat breads babaganoush and Humus








shared food

Pavlova and Summer fruits and Nasturtiums

and desserts









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