Outdoor cooking Marquee catering

We prepare and cook freshly on site as you would expect from a good restaurant, we do not cook elsewhere and reheat.  We make your salads from scratch on the day and not a few days before and let them go dull in a fridge.  There are a few things that can’t be made on the day.  I can’t  make a Tart Aux Citron  or a pavlova in a tent ( although i do cook my  tarts fresh on site having blind baked the cases the previous day)  but most things taste better when they are fresh, as well as being  better for you.  Logistically bringing a restaurant to your marquee is a massive undertaking and  it would be so much easier to make an Ottolenghi salad a couple of days before  in  an industrial unit rather than bring everything in its raw form  to a catering tent  and process 15 different ingredients ( x 4 salads) as well as the bowls, pans,  machinery, tools, sinks  water boilers  etc. etc that are   required to finish the recipes. We don’t compete with caterers who buy in or make their food beforehand. We have ovens, sinks, water potable pipes (a hosepipe is illegal!) burners and charcoal BBQs, Argentinian  meat racks, massive char grill plates  .  We do need to make a charge to cover the renewal  maintenance and  delivery of these. We do need to work from a catering tent or a large domestic kitchen and have a potable water supply within 100 meters as well as an area/ ditch to run off brown  water used  to wash our hands, veg, herbs, knives, chopping boards etc

outdoor catering

Three hat tipi in a field

festival style

Our festival stall we did not need the roof the weather was perfect

francis Mallman

lamb for 140

Argentinian Lamb

variable heat cooking over an open fire

whole roast lamb

Argentinian style roast lamb