We both grew up with food loving parents, who cooked from scratch,  used butter, used fresh seasonal produce,  ate good meat and rarely gave us convenience food. We have continued that principle  with our children,  while trying to eat less meat and more vegetables.

I spent a short time in the food industry dealing with a large food supplier to the supermarkets and  soon came   to realise that everything was price driven.  If a cheaper ingredient could be substituted it would be, right up to the law on human nutrition. We all know that processed sugar and its substitutes are not that good for you, and the same can be said for processed fats, yet the food industry has been very slow to start removing them from processed foods. We are not vegetarians but understand the need to eat less but better quality meat, with higher welfare standards (British) and eat more vegetarian foods. It is no coincidence that a supermarket family lasagne cost less to buy, than it does to make at home with quality ingredients.

We translate this ethos into our business.  There are lots of ingredients that we will not use. A proper  stock takes hours to make,  chill and store,  it takes no time to add a stock cube or bouillon  to boiling water,  the later contains few of the  nutrients and health benefits of the former  and often contains  far too much salt: an easy flavour enhancer. We know that sometimes at home when in a hurry it needs to be done but we do not provide that for our clients.

We read books and articles  by the great chefs and cooks,  there’re not necessarily the really successful chefs  who let their names be used to  brand processed foods,   but writers and cooks who know it takes time to produce great food: Yotam Ottolenghi,  Nigel Salter,  Jamie Oliver, Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall,   Hemsley and Hemsley,  The Hang Fire sisters and of course all of the middle eastern influences that have been the back bone of our catering over the last seven years, Yotam,   Claudia Roden,  Sabrina Ghayour etc etc.

Further back in  time we started eating in restaurants run by  Nico Ladenis,  Rowley leigh, Raymond Blanc   and many Conran owned  restaurants  in the late 80,s  when I was fortunate enough to  have a generous expense account that allowed me to eat in the finest restaurants  in the country. When we returned from our culinary  travels in Asia and studied at  the Conran butlers wharf chef school I  learnt some of the techniques and recipes that were the mainstay of good  modern European restaurant cooking while Sarah learnt the front of house skills that until then only the French seemed to care about.

We try to visit new restaurants in our constant strive to keep up with new ideas,  but the wheel does not need reinventing and although I admire the food of Chefs like Heston Blumenthal I never want to be an “art on a plate chef”

Twenty years ago it was difficult to get great food  unless you spent a lot of money at a good restaurant,  now with a revived interest in good quality food  there are great places to eat local fresh food  all over the country,  that do not necessarily break the bank.

We only cater for one wedding a week you always get us,  William and Sarah and not front of house or chefs you have never met. We work with a team of around 25 part time staff many of whom,  have been with us of years, some are returning university students and some are youngsters who have shown a passion for food or front of house. If you are passionate about food,  talk to us about what you want   for your  wedding catering,  parties and informal  occasions,   where the food is as important  as the atmosphere you want to create.


We don’t do a trio of forgettable desserts.

We don’t do garnish or plate art,  food is to be eaten not looked at

We don’t let a stranger cook your food or run front  of house

We don’t do rubber chicken in a white wine sauce or supreme of chicken  in a Riesling and crème  fresh sauce  or any other combination of wine, cream and chicken

We dont buy in desserts and palm them off as home made

The pictures below of smoked roast whole legs of lamb,  and salads were taken by Alison Mckenny . like all the pictures on our site they are of our real food

Barbecue Lamb
Inspiration 2


Fish and Meat Barbecues

Using spankingly fresh fish we marinate and flash cook over charcoal We prefer to serve food straight from the barbecue so you can choose exactly how you like your fish or steak cooked, in our opinion the only acceptable buffet style meal. We like to offer guests one of everything and encourage a return visit as once they have heard how fantastic the mackerel  is, they will want to try it

A couple of examples of what we can offer


Cornish mackerel fillets served with a fresh gooseberry and crème fresh

Salmon kebabs marinated in lemon zest and fennel

Rump steaks marinated in thyme marjoram olive oil and Garlic

Smoked meats and Fish

Using our charcoal barbecues with lids and our own apple and plum wood we can smoke whole joints of meat and serve them to he table to be carved and served (family service) or we brine and smoke  mackerel, trout etc to serve cold as starters or canapes.  The flavour achieved is sensational compared to smoke rubs that  some caterers use. we are currently in the process of designing our own purpose built smoker

Thai and Asian

Following extensive travel in the far East we became fascinated with authentic methods/ ingredients. We make our own fresh thai pastes using a recipe given to us by Miss Wandee a well known cookery writer in Thailand who has taught the royal chefs to cook for the king. We create some of the best thai curries you will Taste in this country. Making our own satay sauces chilli dipping sauces fish cakes etc we can provide sit down meals or a selection of curry “Manapes” using fresh ingredients as well as intricate Royal thai cuisine canapés such as egg net parcels filled with bright vegetables. These “Manapes” can be served to standing guests ensuring your guests won’t need to pick up a takeaway on the way home.

Hog, lamb spit roasts,  Argentinian lamb

We use  a rotating spit machine with free range pigs or lambs cooked on site providing our own pickles Ketchups and sauces and fantastic salads. The hog roast has gone out of fashion a bit for main day wedding food we have not supplied one for  wedding for around five years it has been overtaken by sharing style with whole joints served to the table.  You will get a cheaper hog roast (probably accompanied by a supermarket bap and a bucket of wholesaler coleslaw) but we don’t think you will get a better one.

Argentinian lamb

A whole lamb is butterflied then cooked over an open fire (see new experiences)

argentinian lamb asado chappa whole aniimal

Two whole lambs cooked argentinian style as part of feast to feed 200


We enjoy cooking vegetarian food whether it is a range of stunning southern Indian curries, using fresh curry leaves, coconut milk and our own spice mixtures or in season vegetables barbecued such as English asparagus marinated in olive oil and seas salt foil wrapped English sweet corn parcels. Iman Bayildi has become a favourite with vegetarians

Have a look at NEW EXPERIENCES  on the  ABOUT US page for this year’s innovative additions to our always increasing repertoire


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